The mobile working tool for every member of your organization

  • Enhance the communication of the whole organization
  • Your organization’s internal procedures in your smartphone: shift management, meeting room reservation...
  • Integrate your organization Intranet in just an app.

What Corporapp is

  • It is an internal, private and corporate communication tool.

  • It is the access to the whole directory of the organization.

  • It is the new channel for the internal procedures, vacation requests, meeting requests, travel and expense management, etc.

  • It is though for big organizations, with hundreds or thousands of members, with a variety of headquarters and where NOT EVERYBODY has access to an IT workshop every day.

What make us different

  • It is not slack (tm), because it’s not only used for working teams or projects.

  • It is not a project manager like Basecamp (tm), ASANA (tm) or TRELLO (tm).

  • It is not an internal, complex solution, it’s a SIMPLE TOOL for an everyday use, useful and intuitive even though not everybody is familiar with technology.


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    Internal messaging system in real time

    Internal messaging system used by task groups or departments that need to communicate with each other.

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    The whole organization chart in your mobile phone. You will have access to the relevant information of all your coworkers easily.

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    Keep your organization members up to date by using the news section.

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    Exclusive internal procedures

    We create internal procedures exclusively for your organization: payroll, resources reservation,vacation requests...

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    Corporative benefits

    We regularly provide product and service offers and corporate benefits to add value to the sense of belonging and loyalty of the organization members.

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    Keep your work and family life separate

    Nowadays many organizations use instant messaging systems with phone numbers or personal emails. Corporapp provides you with an instant communication system EXCLUSIVELY for work, keeping your work and family life separate.

Manage the app through an intuitive dashboard

The organization’s administrator will be able to control the app’s content through an intuitive and easy to use web platform.

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Manage the app’s users: Invite them, add their personal details and choose their role in Corporapp.

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The administrator will create and publish news in the app. Edit, schedule and select the target public

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Chat groups

Create chat groups and choose people who will be part of them. Users will communicate actively through them in Corporapp.

  • Universities

    Corporapp is the perfect tool for Universities, fostering internal and external communication by connecting professors, students and alumni.

    Internal communication: professors and students.
    - nformation on time changes
    - Access to grades
    - Information about cancelled classes or classroom changes.
    - Information on seminars, lectures...
    - Study groups
    - Test schedule

    External communication: Alumni
    - Events calendar
    - Jobs opportunities
    - Access to grades

    EVERYTHING in your mobile phone
  • Retail

    In this kind of companies, with such a diferent workers profiles, Corporapp offers an instant communication channel, regardless of the workplaces or teams they belong to.

    Everybody: cashiers, stock clerks, office workers, managers...will be up to date and will be able to access easily to the internal procedures of the organization:
    - Work shifts
    - Corporate news
    - Travel and expense management
    - Any kind of information available for everyone.

    EVERYTHING in your mobile phone
  • Transport

    In Corporapp we know how complicate is to have a good communication in organizations, even more in transport companies where a lot of workers are scattered all over the country and most of them don’t work with a computer.

    Everyone will be connected and will access to relevant information:
    - Instant communication, no matter where the workers are
    - Travel and expense management
    - Shift, change of routes...

    EVERYTHING in your mobile phone
  • Airlines

    In airlines, where the amount of work is seasonal and the weather affects directly to the daily routine of the company, having a quality communication is essential.

    Corporapp is the tool that connects all the employees, no matter where they are:
    - Flight cancellation and shifts
    - Information of location and hotel reservation
    - Internal communication between every member of the aircrew and the ground crew.

    EVERYTHING in your mobile phone
  • Hotels

    Communication is a key factor in the accommodation sector, and keep every employee up to date doesn’t use to be an easy task.

    Waitress, cleaners, office workers, receptionist... Corporapp will connect everybody, making the communication in hotels a more efficient procedure:
    - Instant messaging between every worker of the hotel
    - Work shifts
    - Any interest new

    EVERYTHING in your mobile phone

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